You can be sure that any energy you might get out of the cheap

Why this seesaw is working against physics laws

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cheap deadstock jordans But when I left the arm then the ball is getting back it’s previous position or in other words the seesaw is getting back it’s horizontal position due to overunity. cheap deadstock jordans

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Vikram Kumar Gupta

cheap jordan website Starting from the vertical position, the non symmetric mounting of the plastic box holding the green ball cause the mechanism to start rotating, and as it rotates the green ball can then roll down its incline so that ultimately its weight times its moment cheap nike shoes arm from the fulcrum balances the red ball and pen times cheap jordans from china their respective moment arms. Not much a mystery here. You can be sure that any energy you might get out of the cheap jordans shoes green ball’s movement is no greater than cheap jordans free shipping the energy cheap air jordan you put into the system as you tilt the arm back to vertical. The output will be equal to the PE liberated due to the difference in height of the cheap jordan sneakers green ball from start to finish minus the PE consumed by raising the red ball and the pen. Cheap jordans Sorry, but there is no free energy being created here cheap jordan website.

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