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Vihstadt Wins County Board Special Election

where to buy cheap jordans online John cheap yeezys Vihstadt, a Republican who ran as an independent with the endorsement of the local Republican and Green parties, has wonthe special election to replace cheap jordans for sale Chris Zimmerman (D) on the Arlington County Board. where to buy cheap jordans online

cheap js Vihstadt captured 57 percent of the vote to Democrat Alan Howze 41 percent. Independent Green candidate Janet Murphy and independent Stephen Holbrook each cheap jordans free shipping captured about 1 percent of the vote. cheap js

cheap jordan trainers won the race by a higher margin than my most aggressive cheap jordans online expectations, told supporters at his victory party tonight. most exciting and gratifying measure of our victory was that it was north to south and east to west. There really is one Arlington, not two Arlingtons. that the cheap jordans sale racehinged largelyon the hot button issues of the planned Columbia Pike streetcar and Long Bridge Park aquatics Cheap jordans center, the result is likely to be viewed by many as a voter rebuke of the County Board major capital spending projects. cheap jordan trainers

cheap jordans for adults want cost effective, results oriented solutions on the local level, Vihstadt said. cheap jordans for adults

cheap jordan tours Vihstadt touted his rainbow coalition of supporters. Also supporting Vihstadt wasCommonwealth Attorney Theo Stamos, a close friend of Vihstadt and his wife, Mary. cheap jordan tours

cheap jordans size 15 was an easy call for me, said Stamos, a lifelong Democrat. a good man and we need to sometimes think outside the box. is a victory for good government, Garvey said. going to get choked up, this is Democracy at its best. This is the way it supposed to be. people have spoken and the County Board needs to listen, Garvey added. cheap jordans size 15

cheap real jordans mens Vihstadt, whose yard signs were purple to represent a blend of red and blue politics, said he plans to in a cheap air force collaborative fashion to get things done for the county. was a victory not for one person or one party, but for Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians and people with no party, Vihstadt said. not going to be a captive of any political party, any person, any ideology I going cheap nike shoes to call issues as I see them. With no state or national level races energizing the Democratic base, its appears that many party line Democrats stayed home. Total unofficial turnout cheap adidas was 22,209, or about 16 percent of registered voters. cheap real jordans mens

cheap jordans nike Vihstadt will be the first non Democrat on the Board since cheap jordans in china Republican Mike https://www.cheapjordansretros2u.com Lane served briefly after winning a special election in 1999. Lane lost in the general election several months later. cheap jordans nike

cheap jordan sneakers for men Howze told dozens of his supporters at the Democrats election party at Whitlow in Clarendon that he continues to believe infrastructure and education investments are the core values of Arlington voters. cheap jordan sneakers for men

cheap jordans for sale near me special election is behind us now, and I look forward to continuing this conversation into November and moving Arlington forward, he said. a lot at stake. During the conversation, County Board Chair Jay Fisette walked by to offer words of cheap jordans on sale encouragement, telling Howze, I lost my first election, a special election, in 1993. Fisette is the longest serving member of the Board. think voters sent a message with the results of today election. Over the next several cheap air jordan days and weeks, we look at that There was an accumulation of frustration with the cost overrun on projects like the Super Stop and Artisphere that led people to express their frustration at the ballot box. County Democractic Committee President Kip Malinosky told the cheap jordans china crowd have a terrific candidate for November in Alan Howze, but we have a lot of work to do. cheap jordans for sale near me

cheap authentic jordans online voters have spoken, he said. many more will speak in November. We are cheap Air max shoes going to continue to listen, to reach out, to cheap jordans from china engage the community. We will work hard to win in November, because when Democrats vote, we win. We didn get enough Democrats to vote. cheap authentic jordans online

cheap jordan store In a show of bipartisanship, Vihstadt victory party was visited by the three Democratic County Board members who supported Howze Jay Fisette, Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada and by cheap jordans shoes two School Board members Sally Baird and James Lander. cheap jordan store

very cheap jordans free shipping may have different perspectives, said Vihstadt, atthe end of the day we all working for the common good cheap jordan sneakers of Arlington. is scheduled to be sworn into office Wednesday afternoon very cheap jordans free shipping.

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