Mr Jones said: «She later told police she had felt frightened

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Hermes Replica Andrew Lovell and Charles SmithGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersLiverpool Crown Court heard that one 75 year hermes High Quality Hermes Replica blanket replica old victim did not believe that they had carried out work on her drive but handed over as she feared they would hermes kelly replica rip up her block paving.The second victim, who was 84 and living with dementia, gave the conmen cash for non existent roof repairs but they made her pay an extra and took her to the bank hermes belt replica in their van.Lovell, 41, of Coppice Green, Elton, near Ellesmere hermes birkin bag replica cheap Port, and Charles Smith, 48, of Roach Vale, Rochdale, both pleaded guilty to two fraud offences and Smith also admitted making a false statement to obtain motor insurance.Rob Jones, prosecuting, told the court that one of the fraudsters knocked at the home of a 75 year old widow in Birkenhead, on January 5 this year holding a brochure about driveways.She saw a van parked outside with a CNS Properties logo and he told her her driveway needed sealant. He said it should cost but if they did it that day it would only beRead MoreTeenage burglar impersonated cleaner to try and steal computers from hotelAndrew Lovell, 41, of Coppice Green, Elton, near hermes bracelet replica Ellesmere Port, jailed for three years and four months for conning pensioners replica hermes oran sandals out of thousands of hermes replica pounds with non existent or poor quality building work.Mr Jones said: «She later told police she had felt frightened by him and that was increased when he made some observation if he was not able to do the hermes replica blanket sealant he would have to pull the tiles up in the driveway. While the conversation was taking place, without invitation, he walked into her hallway.»Because she felt «intimidated» she agreed to get the money and withdrew He claimed the work had been done but she knew it was «a bare faced lie» as she knew the van had followed her to the bank and the driveway was high quality hermes replica uk untouched.She told the police she knew she had been conned and no work hermes replica birkin bag had been carried out but she had felt intimidated.Mr Jones said that on January 6 the two men called at the home of an 84 year old in Formby offering to repair her roof but not quoting a price.Ex serviceman who ‘left footballer for dead after cowardly attack’ jailedThe woman, who has dementia, agreed. Hermes Replica

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