Josh and I were both kind of nervous about it

Hanging around?Anyway, this line is documented by the «paranormal society» as being haunted with paranormal activity. Check out their U tube video. These date nails are a piece of history and maybe a little on the spooky side to boot.. Josh and I were both kind of nervous about it, so we sat down and talked with Greg and he explained how he felt like he understood where we were coming from. You know, we started from nothing. We didn’t know a single soul in the industry, so we started from the ground up.

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of thePetition, they stated as follows: “According to Section 2B of BHRI
Constitution, the administrative headquarters of BHRI shall be in then a coincidence that BHRI physical office address is the same as the socalled
Indigenous People of Biafra in Owerri who have dragged Nigeria to
court (in conjunction with BHRI) in a legal battle for secession? It is therefore
correct to surmise that BHRI was registered under false pretence and deceit, by
a Nigerian Agency (CAC) and now BHRI is fighting the same country (for
secession) for which the Agency is answerable Federal Government of Nigeria is under question here”. In this Petition, they
actually acknowledged that there is an entity in Owerri called Indigenous
People of Biafra who have dragged Nigeria to court in conjunction with But their accusation is that the Solicitor deceived Nigeria and registered Bilie
Human Rights Initiative which turned around to fight against Nigeria for
secession of revoke the Certificate of BHRI and arrest the Biafran Solicitor for (4) As the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) did not revoke the Certificate of
BHRI, they wrote another letter dated 13th November 2014 with the caption,
Nigerian Lawyers filed a copy of the Petition in Court as their evidence to
defend exhibiting the Petition that we knew for the first time that there was a Petition
written by Nnamdi Kanu’s group against Bilie Human Rights discovered that the CAC had sent a copy of the Petition to us through a wrong
address otherwise we would have responded (5) Nnamdi Kanu’s group had alleged that Barrister Emeka Emekesri deceived the
Nigerian Government and registered Bilie without disclosing the intention to
sue Nigeria on behalf of Biafra and questioned why the Corporate Affairs
Commission should register an Organization that would turn around and fight
against Nigeria on behalf of Nigerian Lawyers and the Judge of the Federal High copy of their Petition to this letter for your Defendants tendered the Petition in Court as an exhibit in their have replied to the Petition both to the Corporate Affairs Commission and to
the Nnamdi Kanu and his group are working for the Defendants or whether there is
something else we are yet to understand about their the hearts of all sincerely be working sincerely in a wrong destroyed for lack of Knowledge, wisdom and understanding are required in this person without knowledge walking along the road where there is a pit will
sincerely fall into the pit! He will certainly fall into the pit with all his sincerity
because he lacks knowledge of the existence of the pit on the road! The Bible
says that there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the
ways of death, Prov 16:man referred to in Proverb 16:25 is often possessed with the demon of delusion
that makes him think that he is right always in all his ways and every other
person is (6) The group known as “Indigenous People of Biafra-USA” which wrote the
Petition signed by Mazi Clifford Iroanya and Mazi Ikenna Nwanonenyi said
that Bilie Human Rights Initiative did not obtain their consent before instituting
the case on behalf of Indigenous People of Biafra and therefore lacked the locus
standi to represent the that the allegation of lack of locus standi could save Government of the State of California in the United States of America where
the group was registered and obtained their registration documents which we
filed in Court in our organization “Indigenous People of Biafra-USA” was never in existence when
the Suit was instituted in 2012 and USA” was registered in the State of California on 14th February 2014 as shown
in the California Secretary of State Business organization that came into existence in America in 2014 is a corporate citizen
of America born in 2014 and cannot speak about the case in Nigeria that started
in 2012 when they were not yet organization which was not in existence when the case was instituted in 2012
and 2013 cannot complain that Bilie Human Rights Initiative did not obtain
their consent before filing a case for the Indigenous People of Biafra that
came into existence in Owerri in (7) Their next allegation and report to the Nigerian Government was that the full
meaning of Bilie is Biafra Liberation in Exile but that the Solicitor coined the
word and told the Government that Bilie means “Stand Up” in Igbo All that Nnamdi Kanu and his followers want is to destroy Barrister Emeka
Emekesri and Bilie Human Rights Initiative by any means possible even if it
means destroying the Biafran Struggle and his group, the Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra had laid a proper
foundation in 2011 before commencing the suit in the Federal High Court
Owerri in an inquiry in 2011 to determine the meaning of the word before it was accepted
for that Bilie is a word in Igbo Language meaning “Stand Up” or “Arise” Hermes Replica.

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