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A full moon may be the explanation for the spectacle of Friday night’s Versace for H&M event. Or maybe it was just that the clothes are to-die. Either way, upon entering the Midtown store location, the hallway fight scene from Mean Girls was a pretty accurate comparison.Literally coats, bags, and dresses were flying off the racks and even off the mannequins. There is no question what editors will do for a diffusion line release and Friday night was a perfect example. Poor caterers were completely ignored (you know that it was crazy when editors are turning down complimentary cocktails) and employees stood in as clothes racks just handing pieces to eager hands.Thanks to many years spent in a mosh pit hermes replica uk , I was able to get in and out relatively unscathed and even managed to snag the apple of my eye, the metal edged pleated skirt. Regardless of the mayhem, it was awesome to see so many ‘enthusiastic’ shoppers picking up not only the Versace collection, but also H&M’s fall collection, which is super cute (and was in a MUCH calmer area). If you missed out on the event , feel free to watch the video below, it was pretty similar except no one actually turned into animals.

Versace For H&M PTSD

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