And I wouldn mention mental health at all

Can I quit my a knockout post job without having another lined up

Canada Goose sale I should have 60 70k saved by then (which would be roughly 2 years of expenses in cash savings could last longer through using lines of credit,etc). I also have no debt. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket I would want to look for a new job over the coming months, but it is too hard for me to do, considering I am currently working 70+hour weeks, and it could potentially put my eoy bonus in jepoardy if my employer finds out. I am also still looking canada goose outlet online store at doing an educational program after leaving, and could always go back to school if things go very badly. buy canada goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk My montly expenses are about $2500 (which could be flexed down a bit). canada goose parka uk This isn an issue for the canada goose outlet los angeles last few years so much as it was 8 to 5 years ago when there wasn a labor shortage in most industries hiring companies had stacks of applicants for every position. I left a job without having another lined up. I had always had people interested canada goose outlet store montreal in canada goose outlet buffalo me helping them set up more effective data management solutions for them but I had always turned down extra work because canada goose outlet seattle my full time job left me completely canada goose outlet in usa drained. So once I left I got in contact with a few of those people and started freelancing. If you can explain that you and a previous employer had differences in a pointed and professional manner without canada goose jacket uk mudslinging, and otherwise interview well, it’s not a death blow that your last boss won’t sing your praises after you’ve quit. People in HR, especially good HR departments, know that some companies are just nightmares to work for. canada goose outlet website legit The trick here is to explain it in a way that doesn badmouth your previous employer and also doesn make it sound like you canada canada goose outlet store goose jacket outlet toronto a complainer (boo hoo I was overworked. so is everyone else in corporate America. And I wouldn mention mental health at all, last thing HR wants to hear is about your health problems). Someone else mentioned bringing up the working hours if asked why OP quit. Seems like you have some cash, so I would just make sure you have enough to survive for twice as long as you expect to get a new job and you good. Don forget to account for health insurance if you in the US. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose coats As for employment gaps, you don need explain them away unless they are really long especially if canada goose uk you left the job. The canada goose outlet eu reasons employers are wary of gaps are that it either makes them question their commitment to work (usually when there are multiple gaps) or question what wrong with canada goose outlet online uk you that canada goose outlet locations in toronto no one else wanted to hire you. canada goose coats

uk canada goose outlet I do a lot of interviews canada goose outlet toronto factory for software developers and we only concerned with long gaps when it makes it look like the person may have gotten stale. Not applicable in a lot of fields. As someone else mentioned it’s the gap in employment history that could be a little bit of a challenge when applying to other positions. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose store To OP: No job is ever worth suffering of your mental health, seriously. I was in your shoes canada goose outlet parka about 2 years ago working in public accounting canada goose outlet official and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Life is way too short. I canada goose outlet us left and it took me 6 months to find a job. Generally, it shouldn’t take you as long as it took me but I also wasn’t taking the canada goose outlet toronto address first job that came my way. Yes, explaining why I left on my own terms was difficult but I explained that it was due to travel. canada goose store

canada goose My advice would be to get out of the work environment you feel canada goose outlet factory miserable in, recharge your batteries with a week off, and apply as aggressively as you can, network, and do NOT ever give up until you land something you feel comfortable with canada goose.

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